Improving the Soil with Cover Crops and Compost

When we first moved in to our house, most of the land we cleared was covered with dusty dirt. We knew we would need to improve our soil if we wanted our garden to thrive, so we’ve been working on composting and researching the best types of cover crops. Ryan is constantly researching and learning new ways to improve our soil. The more we give to our soil, the more it will give to us in return.

Clover patch surrounding young fruit trees.

We settled on clover as our favorite cover crop, but we’ve also planted oats and timothy hay, and a chicken feed mixture around the property. Our center mound in the middle of our circle driveway is mostly clover with a few flowers (and weeds) mixed in. I’ve even been adding clover seed to our grass lawn. Grass is crazy high maintenance, and clover is so hardy… It’s an easy choice for me. The clover is a favorite of the bees, bunnies, and our chickens!

Improving the Soil with Cover Crops and Compost
One side of the hoop house, where Ryan planted clover and oats. We also covered our pumpkin and squash mounds with grass clippings to hold in moisture
Large high tunnel hoop house made from PVC.
The other side of our hoop house – More oats and clover, along with some fish compost and wood chips to nourish our potatoes and blueberry plants.
Acorn squash seedlings.
Acorn squash is popping up!
Improving the Soil with Cover Crops and Compost

Added some fish compost to my flower and herb beds too. 

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