June 2020 Garden Tour

Tomorrow is the last day of June, and I’m pretty excited about all the growth we’ve had in our garden this month. Last year we struggled with poor soil and lack of know how and motivation to benefit as much as we could have from our garden. This year, we’ve worked hard to improve our soil and do our research so we can better care for our various plants. I’m especially excited about the progress I’ve made with our tomatoes. Last year we had monstrous plants that hardly produced, and once they finally did start producing, they fell to blight. This year, I’m keeping everything properly pruned and fertilized and I’ve already got some tomatoes on the vines!

Pole bean vines wrapped around fencing.
Pole beans
Small kale plant.
Tiny brandywine tomato bud.
Brandywine Tomato!
White Sonara wheat grass.
Oat field
Oat Grass
Oats growing outside the hoop house to supplement our rabbits feed
June 2020 Garden Tour
Peas and cherry tomatoes
Corn crop

Hoop House Garden Transformation

I love seeing these before and after pictures and realizing that all our hard work is paying off. I’m so grateful that Ryan took the time to build this hoop house for me. With the cool wet season we’ve had so far, I don’t think our garden would have done nearly as well without it.

PVC Hoop house greenhouse design
April 2020
PVC Hoop house greenhouse design
June 2020
Interior of a PVC high tunnel hoop house.
April 2020
Hoop house garden
June 2020
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